This simple script renders data collected by your ISP unusable

After voting last month to strip Obama administration guidelines, the Federal Communications Commission ceded control of the internet to ISPs, at least for now. Corporations like Comcast and Verizon won the right to police themselves, operating on a scheme tantamount to the honor system.

With a handshake agreement and a generic promise to play nice, we’ve handed the keys to corporations that have proven time and again to only be interested in pay-for-play deals and collecting customer web browsing data through any means necessary.

While there’s little we can do about the former, the latter, at least, invites a few solutions.

There’s a virtual private network (VPN). a digital wall between you and your ISP that connects to a remote server and passes data anonymously back and forth. ISPs can see that you’re connected, they can meter the connection to monitor bandwidth usage, but ideally they’ll never know which sites you’re visiting or what you’re downloading.


VPNs are far from foolproof. We’ve seen a number of them, in fact, share user information after claiming not to store this data. It’s a Band-aid solution. It’s placing trust in a VPN provider rather than your ISP.

A 2009 paper authored by Shaozhi Ye and members of the Department of Computer Science at The University of California may offer a better solution. The group argued creating digital noise obscures valuable data by bundling it with less desirable data, called obfuscation.

Ye et. al. argued the valuable information vanishes if:

Number of noise calls ≥ (Number of user calls – 1) × Number of possible calls

Put simply, web users don’t need to block ISPS, they can overwhelm them instead. If the average web user visits 100 domains a month, surrounding the valuable data (which 100 domains you are visiting) with useless data (“noise calls” from 20,000 random domains), the data essentially becomes worthless, or at least prohibitively expensive to comb through.

Unfortunately there’s still no easy way to do this, unless you’re well-versed in Python.

For those that have the technical chops, GitHub user “essandess” created a script that creates the noise calls for you. The script works on Mac and Linux, sending random noise calls at increments defined by the user. In on-page examples, the default explanation involves a noise call about once every five seconds, which should leave even the most bandwidth-squeezed users from running into the business end of their data caps.

All told, essandess estimates bandwidth usage under 50GB per month using the supplied example of 20,000 random calls. It accomplishes this by stripping “noise” websites of images, which means you’ll be downloading less information from each page visited.

It’s not perfect. The script obviously requires a technical skill beyond what most of us novices are capable of setting up and troubleshooting. It’s also not infallible, a motivated ISP could train AI to sift through the data based on previously un-obfuscated data collected on each user.

But, it’s a start.

ISP Data Pollution
on GitHub

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Beautiful And Fascinating Celebrity Portraits Taken By Deborah Feingold During The 1980s – Design You Trust

Sigourney Weaver

Deborah Feingold – American photographer, took pictures of celebrities from the late 70s. Collaborates with Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, Newsweek and The New York Times. Lives and works in New York. In this series of photos you can find a vintage photos of young celebrities.

More info: Deborah Feingold (h/t:

Alan Cumming

Alec Baldwin

Andie MacDowell

Benjamin Bratt

Billy Joel

Bridget Fonda

Bruce Willis

David Hasselhoff

Ethan Hawke


Frank Zappa

Gerard Butler

Isaac Asimov

Jane Krakowski

Jennifer Grey

Jim Jarmusch with Tom Waits

John Lithgow

Johnny Depp

Jon Bon Jovi & Diane Lane

Keanu Reeves

Keith Richards

Kevin Nealon

Kiefer Sutherland

Laura San Giacomo


Mariah Carey

Mark Knopfler

Matthew Broderick

Michael Douglas

Michael J. Fox

Marc Jacobs

Michelle Pfeiffer

Patrick Swayze with mother, Patsy

Pedro Almodovar

Rupert Everett

Sinead O’Connor

Susan Sarandon

Tim Robbins

Tina Turner

Tom Cruise

Whoopi Goldberg

Willem Dafoe

Yoko Ono

Bruce Willis, 1989

Aerosmith, 1985

Alec Baldwin, 1988


Matt Dillon

Bill Gates

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Logotype Masterclass with Jessica Hische

I want to introduce you to this excellent new Logotype Masterclass that will teach you how to take your logos from good to great, with the award-winning designer and letterer, Jessica Hische.

Jessica’s last lettering course was a huge hit with you guys (as well as Aaron Draplin’s Logo Design class) but this one is focused purely on logotypes.

You will get an insider look at her start-to-finish process for refreshing type-based logos, to help improve your individual letterforms and overall designs. There’s tons of inspiration inside, along with recommended resources, and her iconic lettering style.

Jessica Hische Skillshare Logotype Masterclass

The lessons include:

  • A checklist for “big picture” design qualities, like hierarchy and scale
  • How to hone your eye for detail and consistency
  • Polishing vector logos in Adobe Illustrator
  • Tips for making the most of freelance & client work

After taking this class, you’ll see logos and lettering through Jessica’s eyes and be able to spot issues and improve your work with the checklist Jessica uses in her own work every day.

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Justgiving – Crowdfunding & Charity PSD Template

Justgiving is a PSD template specially designed for Crowdfunding ,Charity NGO, Donation , foundations, churches, political organizations related website. You can use this beautiful template.

The Template is based on 1170 Bootstrap based design so this Template will be 100% fluid responsive on any device.

In addition, you are getting 15 Unique PSD layered files. Everything is in Documentation file so that you can change anything easily.


  • 2 Beautifully designed Unique homepages
  • 15 Beautifully Designed PSD Files
  • 1170 Bootstrap Design
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  • Beautiful Colors
  • Beautiful Google Fonts

Fonts Used: (Google Fonts)

  • Source Sans Pro
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Best Black Friday deals 2018

Black Friday is a fantastic time for designers and artists to pick up a bargain on creative hardware, software and resources. According to marketing firm SaleCycle, 91 per cent of top UK retailers and 81 per cent of US retailers offered Black Friday deals and promotions in 2017 – that’s a lot of savings to be had, if you know where to look. 

The problem is, often we don’t. And it’s easy to feel lost in the deluge of discounts, come the big day. So how can you get the best Black Friday deals in 2018 as a designer, artist or creative? And when is it, this year, anyway? Here’s everything you need to know about Black Friday…

When is Black Friday 2018?

This year, Black Friday falls on 23 November 2018, with Cyber Monday following on the 26 November. Always held the day after Thanksgiving, Black Friday marks the unofficial beginning of the Christmas shopping season. 

Traditionally Black Friday was a one-day brick-and-mortar juggernaut of sales, with Cyber Monday later conceived by savvy marketeers to extend the sales period online. These days, Black Friday is of course a huge online event as well. The spending bonanza has morphed into a ‘Black November’ in recent years, with many major retailers leaking money-saving deals throughout the month.

Amazon, for example, officially opened its Black Friday Deals Store on the 17 November in 2017, a week before Black Friday started. We also saw plenty of deals creeping through before that – and a lot of rock-bottom deals in the days after Cyber Monday, too. 

Black Friday: where to find the biggest savings

So where to look for real bargains? Well, the best Black Friday deals on creative hardware and software tend to come from third-party retailers – rather than directly from manufacturers like Apple or Wacom. That said, Microsoft slashed the cost of its Surface family of tablets for Black Friday 2017, and we saw big tech bargains on the Dell website too.

Some of the biggest savings last year across the board, however, came from Amazon and eBay. Certainly this is where you need to be if you’re in the market for a new drawing tablet – and there were fantastic bargains to be found on desktops, laptops, 4K monitors, computer mice, keyboards and more.

Whether you’re interested in perusing Black Friday deals directly on the websites of the most reputable retailers, sign-up for early Black Friday alerts or do some early product research, here are the links you need… 

US: Black Friday retail links

Amazon | eBay | Newegg | Jet Black | Microsoft | Dell | Walmart | B&H Photo | GameStop | Toys R Us

UK: Black Friday retail links

Amazon | eBay | Microsoft | Dell | | John Lewis | Currys | Argos | Tesco | | Carphone Warehouse | | ASOS

How to get the best Black Friday deals in 2018

We’ll be curating the very best Black Friday deals for creatives right here again this year, so bookmark this page and keep checking back in November. But there are some other pro tips you can follow for bagging big Black Friday bargains, too.

01. Do your research

The best way to avoid getting a bad deal is to do your research first. You need to be knowledgeable about the product – and its normal retail price. 

Draw up a list of items you might like to purchase over Black Friday, read the reviews, research the best manufacturers, and make sure you know the difference between a good and bad version of that product.

02. Compare prices

It’s always a good idea to compare prices, so use price-comparison internet shopping sites like for insight where you’re looking at product prices. 

03. Check the extras

And make sure you check the specs: are you looking at a low or high-specced product for this price? Does it come with accessories? What about post and packaging charges?

04. Consider payment options

Another tip is to think about how you’re paying. While we don’t suggest racking up huge credit cards bills with big interest rates, many credit cards do offer benefits like free warranties, return protection and sale price protection – which are worth bearing in mind. 

05. Get an Amazon Prime subscription

Prime users (including all those on a free trial) are offered an exclusive 30-minute early access period to all Amazon Lightning Deals. If you don’t already have one, an Amazon Prime subscription will set you back £79/$99 per year. 

06. Know the best days to buy

Adobe has crunched the numbers to put together a handy guide revealing the best days to buy different products, and also which products are more likely to run out on which days.

Apparently, Thanksgiving is the best time to grab a bargain on computers – you’re likely to save 16 per cent, on average – but it’s also the day popular tablets and televisions are most likely to be out of stock.

Black Friday, meanwhile, is the best day to save on tablets and televisions (on average 24 per cent), with computers most likely to be out of stock. 

Today’s best deals on the best creative kit

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Celebrating Adidas Superstars’ 50th Birthday with a Forever Young campaign

Photography by Kristen Chon

In 2019, we’ll wish a big happy birthday to one of the world’s favourite footwear styles, the Adidas Superstar. And celebrating the iconic fashion statements’ 50th anniversary is the Forever Young campaign.

The series of designs by Duy Dao comprises packaging for the special edition trainer, along with a collection of promotional poster and invitations for the shoe release party in Los Angeles.

The posters pay a well-deserved and commendable tribute to influential pop culture figureheads that Adidas and the Superstar brand have been a part of, or have been influenced by, over the years. Featured names include world-famous American NBA all-star Kareem Abdul Jabbar, legendary hip-hop rappers Run DMC and the multi-award-winning artist Pharrell Williams.

Keeping with tradition and staying true to the Superstar’s simplicity, the sneaker still maintains its infamous grooved front whilst incorporating a minimalist and fresh all-white design.

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

Photography by Kristen Chon

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