6 website development startups should keep in mind

With increasing number of businesses taking on the web and numerous startups starting with their web ventures almost every day, it is more challenging now to stand out with design and engage the audience for a better business conversation.

As competition is going to all limits and bounds, web design needs to be more competitively focused and optimized for easier and faster user engagement. In fact, building sophisticated, user optimized and creatively brilliant web design is no longer optional but it is the necessity for any website development company now.

But when it comes to startups and small businesses taking on the web platform, they are very likely to find the job of building web identity a sufficiently daunting task. To help them understand what it takes to make a professional web design here we are going to provide 6 most effective tips.

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1. Quick onboarding experience
These days, addressing mobile audience is more challenging than ever before just because of the steadily decreasing attention span of the audience. It seems nobody has more than a few seconds to understand the way a website works and its contents come to aid. Naturally, find building your website you need to ensure offering very quick onboarding experience. There is a 5-second rule that says after arriving on a page the user must understand what he needs to do within a span of just 5 seconds.

It is observed that most users who leave a website within few seconds of onboarding never return again. So, slow page loading and dull onboarding experience are going to take a serious toll on your traffic. It is necessary to develop and design your website to engage the audience and educate them instantly after they arrive on your pages.

2. Keep it simple stupid
When it comes to quick user engagement and business conversion nothing works as great as simple and effective design. “Keep It Simple, Stupid” or KISS as it is popularly called is not just a design philosophy, but a basic requirement now. Simple design is effective because it is easier to manage, find necessary contents and on page elements and get engaged. Moreover, simple designs are always easier to shape and create.

As human psychology often get engaged easily with simple and easy to interact elements, keeping things simple on your web page you can also make a lasting impression on your audience. Simple design is also effective to prioritise elements and guide users to do you think that you want them to do.

3. Make design future ready
The technology he is changing at a rapid pace and naturally, the web design elements that we come across frequently can be changed at any point of time. So, your web design must be well equipped to fit into new and emerging requirements in design and developments. For instance, after chatbots became popular in the past couple of years, there are many websites who found it difficult to incorporate chatbots in their existing design.

So, this is incredibly important to make your web design future ready to go with any emerging technology. A simple and clean design always adapt to new element better. A web design built to adapt to any new design element and technology will also save a lot of time and investment for updating the new website to feet into the new requirements.

4. Updating fresh content on a regular basis
Content is still the quintessential element for which users visit websites. With all other things similar, a website with regularly updated contents will enjoy more customer loyalty and engagement compared to another with infrequent content updates. A website updated regularly with fresh contents will help users find the needful on a regular basis and naturally will find better engagement.

Moreover, to help your SEO strategy bear fruit, you need to publish contents regularly targeting keywords searched by the audience on the search engine. Lastly, to create the loyal audience who regularly visit your site and engages with your content you need to give them new and fresh contents on a regular basis. Apart from all other technical requirements, regular updating fresh contents are still the most effective element to drive your SEO successfully.

5. A mix of visual contents
With the decreasing attention span of mobile audience text contents, especially the dense paragraphs are less popular now. On the other hand, a website predominantly featuring visual contents almost without any text will look less credible and trustworthy. This is why your content strategy must focus to create a mix of contents including text images, video, infographics, GIFs, animation, sketches, visual storytelling, et cetera.

High quality images provided with text content can ensure more depth to the content. Infographics are great to provide information in a visual format. Video and animation can help quickly explaining things to the audience. Graphical sketches and hand drawings can help creating a more diversified visual effect.

6. Let the design emphasize on brand
With all the design elements any website wants to make their brand Shine through. You need to ensure creating brand awareness through all the design elements. For startups, it is doubly important. A consistent design with color scheme specific to the brand and call other visual elements coherent to the look and feel of the brand will help to create a brand identity of your website.

Contrary to the common perception, just your brand logo is far from enough to make a successful branding. Throughout the on page elements Your brand-specific visual and design element should appear recurringly and consistently. From on-page images to type Phase to colour scheme to call to action buttons, visual elements should make your brand shine through in more ways than one.

To conclude, we must say that the above-mentioned tips just make the outline of what it takes to make an effective design in the coming months throughout and beyond 2017 we can see more and more websites are coming with personalized web contents and web interfaces. This increasing emphasis on personalization is the latest trend that new web ventures need to cope up.

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