Logo Design Trends You Need to consider

Any design is liable to change unexpectedly and in an instant, in other words, a constantly evolving process and trend. This is applicable to designs in a plethora of industries including apparel, graphics, logo, and others. Given the trends that emerged in 2016 and started to display huge potential, it is highly likely the trends are not going to slow down anytime soon and will dominate the custom logo design service business in 2017 and beyond.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism focuses on removing irrelevant things and leaving in only the necessary ones. This approach has been around for quite some time now, and the trend is likely to continue in 2017. With the help of simple forms, nominal use of effects and colors, together with a clear focus, the concept of minimalism permits the designer to create a simple yet attractive logo with the freedom of using it across different backgrounds and platforms.

2. Letterstacking

Using text is another straightforward and easy way to develop a creative and unique logo. Designers exercise the best use of letterstacking when they need to put a considerable amount of text in a logo without compromising its visual appeal. The text can be squeezed either vertically or horizontally and blended with other graphic components. The purpose of letterstacking is to tempt viewers into reading the text rather than focusing on the visual elements. After emerging in 2016, the trend is surely going to gain momentum with time.

3. Text logos

Up until now, the use of a classic text logo has been absolutely mandatory for some companies and has proven effective and memorable. Several of the leading proven examples are there to inspire us including brands like Coca-Cola, Sony, IBM, and many more. In 2016, designers used different fonts coupled with minimalist effects including increased/decreased kerning, text stylization and a mixture of mostly handwritten styles.

4. Lettering

Logos that are created with the help of lettering are elegant and polished, although it wouldn’t be appropriate to label them as ‘innovative’. That type of lettering is best used for certain types of businesses such as hotels, restaurants, cafes, etc. in order to market the message of a top-notch brand and professionalism. It is quite right to say this typographic trend is most probably going to grow in use in 2017.

5. Flat Design

Similar to the minimalist style, a flat design calls for clear and seamless aesthetics without needing any additional and irrelevant changes. A flat design confirms clarity and comfort. Strictly neat and clean visual solutions can be used as the best alternatives to three-dimensional icons with gradients and shadows. Any designer well-versed in flat design skills can create seemingly simple yet powerful logos.

6. Gradients

With current practices and upcoming trends focusing more on simplicity in usage, gradients could have disappeared long ago had companies like Apple not worked on their comeback. However, the way gradients are utilized in graphic design projects has changed greatly. Today, gradients are recognized solely for their simplicity. Traditionally, gradients were used in projects that required bold colors and related bright combinations to add depth and volume to the output. Now, professionals can acquire the same results with the help of muted hues and material design colors.

7. Line-art

Minimalism presents a multitude of characteristics. Individual professionals and custom logo design service providers prefer to use clean, yet simple, images in most of their projects, and line-art has established itself as an audacious minimalist technique. With this technique, professionals are inclined to use solid, mostly dark-colored images to draw lines. Line-art is a simple and powerful skill to blend together images and text.

8. Stencil Typography

Stencil designing focuses on creating visually appealing logos. The fonts are available in all sizes and forms making it convenient for designers to apply as per the desired wish and requirements of the project. The versatility of stencil typography provides eye-pleasing and easy-to-remember logos, which means the trend is still among the favorites for many designers in the business.

9. Black & White Logos

The use of only a couple of colors, take black and white for instance, is one of the most unorthodox working perspectives in the graphic and logo designing profession. Black and white logos generally display the use of different fonts coupled with geometric structure. A color palette has always proven to be a potent and effective tool for designers, while the use of black and white has gained increased popularity just recently. Designers are working to make the most out of this trend in order to provide never-seen-before logos. The creativity allows you to pull yourself out from the world of bright colors without compromising the quality and aesthetic appeal of a logo.

10. Overlapping Gradients

Overlapping gradients is a relatively modern design approach that gained prominence in 2016. The technique is to overlap plain geometric forms to provide a uniquely-styled output. Initially, it was often applied in animal-centric logos, and as it gained wider acceptance in the design industry, several leading global firms included its use in their business.

For instance, designers from Pentagram successfully revitalized the logo of MasterCard by removing content from the image and dropping shadows. Consequently, the redesigned icon is now clean and easily recognizable. The trend is highly used as more and more companies are applying the overlapping gradients to pump new life into worn-out logos.

11. Geometric Shapes

Even though the concept of geometric themes has been in practice for quite some time now, the trend of simplistic geometric shapes is about to become intense in 2017. Geometric logos are heavily used to fabricate classy and unique designs. Undoubtedly, out-of-the-box thinkers love to try uncustomary geometric patterns. For example, in 2016 we saw a plethora of logos containing colorful polygons, both symmetrical and asymmetrical.

12. Hand-Made Logos

The logo designing trend of replicating hand-drawn images will never get old and is likely to gain momentum in 2017. A hand-made logo permits the use of a wide range of visual effects like grunge, vintage, and youthful pictures. The best aspect that sets this trend apart from others is its genuine uniqueness and widely acclaimed recognition among all demographics.


All of the above trends have been based on their usage, preference, and performance in 2016. 2017 is surely promising us some neat ideas and styles, whilst improving the existing ones at the same time. Custom logo design services are working to their fullest to offer the best and most eye-pleasing output. The effort has not reached its full potential yet, but will eventually expand the creative scope available to designers.

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