Web Design Tips for Startups

Web design is more popular now than it was decades ago. Due to our technology, people from around the world, of different ages, without any professional training, can start up their own website and become a web designer themselves. By impating reading and learning through educational tools, the Internet can provide you with step by step instruction on how to start up your very own website. As you go through all of those newbie lessons, here are some things you should consider as well:


Conceptualizing – Why? What? Why are you designing a website? What is your purpose? What is your brand? What are you offering to the World Wide Web? Why are you doing this? Nothing can be more basic than this. Before you proceed with investing your time, money and energy into something, you must know the essence of what you are getting yourself into. If you know the value of that, the more invested you are, the more you will love to do better and the more you will commit to the project.


After knowing the answer to your “Why?” your mind will feel like it is on steroids. There will definitely be a lot to do and a lot to take in. Chill. Relax. Put things into some sort of order. Plan it out. Where will you start? What is next? Put things into writing to limit yourself from over thinking. From my perspective, your first step should be to invest your time in learning from tutorials. Then apply the knowledge. After that, as you get used to web designing, you can learn and apply newly acquired information as you progress.


For a non-tech person, this will give them a heart attack. “What is coding? I do not even know what those series of lines stand for.” And many more thoughts might be racing around in your mind. Web design comes with codes; it is something you cannot avoid. But, there are user-friendly applications and/or software that can help you with that. So do not panic. Eventually, though, you must learn and understand the language that comes in codes. Codes will help you make your website more customized.

Creating the Layout

Now, enough with the heart attack. Creating the layout is the starting point to get your imagination going. Proper placement of the elements of your website is the key to present clearly whatever it is that you want the world to see.


Life is filled with colors, but in web design, you cannot just implement all of the colors in the color wheel. Clashing or ugly colors equate to irritated web guests which, in turn, creates a negative reputation.


This is how you present yourself to the public, as styling your website can also give you that edge over the competition. So invest the necessary time to create the best style for your website.


Websites that are interactive and entertaining retain more guests and have more guests revisit the site. So incorporate those cool graphics and please the audiences’ eyes.
Images – If you are designing a blog site, pictures make sharing your experience easier. If you are creating an educational site, it is more fun to learn with pictures that trigger our imagination.
Subscription – Make people want more from you and give more to your avid guests. Have them subscribe to your newsletter.


Sharing is caring. The more “shares” of your site, the more traffic you create. Enable those Facebook, Twitter and other social media buttons.
Feedback – Good, constructive criticism will make you a better web designer. Ask the guests what they think of your website and contents.


Never stop learning. Never stop developing. Your latest design might not be trendy tomorrow. Innovate. Always.


Yes, most sites just provide entertainment in this harsh world, so make a difference by creating a site that will matter. Create content that will touch the hearts of people. Build a website that will fill the minds of your web visitors. Reach out to the world and have a great impact with your wonderful content.
There you have it. 13 simple things you must consider when starting up your own website. Free your mind, start creating!

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