absolute position

A Guide to Understanding & Using Divi’s Absolute Position – WordPress Website Design Article

The absolute position property is one of four main position types available within Divi’s new position options. In this tutorial, we will explore what it means to give an element an absolute position in Divi and how you can use it to your advantage when designing Divi sites. In this post we’ll cover: An Overview of Divi’s Four Types of Positioning How the Absolute Position “Positions” an Element in Divi Benefits and Drawbacks of using the Absolute Position in Divi…

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How to Stack Elements in CSS – Website Design Article

If you want to create fantastic and unique visual experiences on the web, you will eventually need two elements to overlap or exist in the same place. You may even just need them to be positioned near or next to each other. Let’s go over two different ways to accomplish this, one with the position property and one with CSS Grid. Method 1: Using the Position Property You may already know that position: absolute; will place something absolutely on the…

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