Adobe Photoshop

The Beauty of Duotone Effect and How to Get it Right – Website Design Article

Share! Gone are the days when images were used exactly as they were minus some minor retouching. The good amalgamation of digital art and perfectly clicked images is Duotone. Using two colors, good efforts are put behind to tone the image and create beautiful duotones. Duotone finds a lot of application in websites also. A website without images is like a body without a soul. Presently, web designers use a blend of images and content to craft bespoke website design.…

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18 Best Photoshop Addons for Designers – Website Design Article

Share! Photoshop is a powerful tool that can be used to create, edit, customize photos, artworks, and graphics. Designers tend to spend a lot of time using this tool so implementing photoshop add ons can help you work more efficiently and improve your overall workflow. If you are looking to convert your artwork or imagery into stylized graphics and are not sure about how to create it from scratch, then these actions can help you save a lot of time.…

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