How To Create Google Site Kit In WordPress – WordPress Website Design Article

Get started with your business decisions in WordPress by creating a Google Site Kit as one of your many tools to use online. Creating a Google Site Kit as a tool in WordPress lets you use several SEO tools like Google Analytics for doing that statistical business analysis. So, if you wish to create a Google Site Kit in your WordPress account, this article will help you.Overview of Google Site Kit in WordPressGoogle Site Kit is one of the most popular…

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10 Best AdSense Plugins for WordPress (+ AdSense Tips & Tricks) – WordPress Website Design Article

There are dozens of ways you can monetize your website. Affiliate links, physical products, online courses, selling services, the list goes on and on. But…. All of those take a ton of additional work. But, if you have enough traffic, then one of the easiest ways to monetize your site is with Google AdSense. Google’s ad network is one of the longest-running ways to turn your site into an income generating machine. It’s not as simple as throwing ads up…

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