How to Audit Your Affiliate Links – WordPress Website Design Article

If you want to make money from your website, affiliate marketing is one of the most popular tactics you’ll find. But as your site grows, so to will the number of affiliate links that you use to earn money. And as your site ages, some of those links will stop working. A company you’re promoting might change affiliate networks or otherwise change the structure of their URLs, a promotion might end…there are lots of reasons.You’re still sending traffic to that…

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Insert Amazon Affiliate Products into WordPress Posts – WordPress Website Design Article

Are you a member of the Amazon Associates Program and looking to promote Amazon products on your WordPress website? First things first, you are probably aware that you can do that without special software – by simply linking to a product you recommend (with your affiliate tag, of course). But it’s okay only in case you are ready to work 24/7. So the real thing we want to achieve with this article is to show you alternative, easier ways to…

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Affiliate Coupons – The Best Plugin for WordPress Affiliate Marketers – WordPress Website Design Article

You have time? You can use the Internet confidently, and you want to make some money in your spare time? I have two magical words for you: Affiliate marketing. Easily explained, the concept is that the business you do affiliate marketing for will reward you based on the traffic you help generate to a specific product or service they offer. Easy and fair enough, right? I see no reason why someone who has time and skills should not root for…

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