Does Your Business Need an Affiliate Program? – WordPress Website Design Article

With more and more influencers entering the world of blogging, podcasting and video making, many brands are entering the treacherous yet exciting world of affiliate marketing simultaneously by creating their own affiliate programs or joining affiliate networks at the very least. This post ist part of a three-part series about affiliate marketing. In this post, we’re going to go over what affiliate marketing, affiliate programs and even affiliate networks are. And we are going to have a look at the…

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How to Create Printable Invoices for AffiliateWP – WordPress Website Design Article

Creating and managing an affiliate program is a daunting task, and although it can work wonders from a marketing point of view, it can seem like more trouble than it’s worth at times. Fortunately, WordPress has quite a few tools you can use to manage an affiliate program with ease, particularly a plugin called AffiliateWP. It’s incredibly simple to set up, and while it’s fleshed out with a healthy collection of intuitive features, it is missing a few staple ones.…

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AffiliateWP Review » The Best WordPress Plugin for Affiliate Programs? – WordPress Website Design Article

An affiliate program helps your business grow by giving your most prolific users and fans the ability to earn commissions when they refer your products and services to their audiences. Integrating a program like this into your site used to be difficult and would often require the hands of a developer. However, with the combined help of WordPress and a plugin called AffiliateWP, adding this functionality to your site and business has never been easier. And if you want to…

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