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Getting to Know Matthew Allen, Co-Founder of AmaLinks Pro – WordPress Website Design Article

This week we have an interview with Matthew Allen from Dumb Passive Income who recently co-founded and launched an Amazon Affiliate plugin for WordPress, AmaLinks Pro. I’ve been using Amazon for quite a while now and have thought about setting up an Amazon affiliate site a few times as a side-project. It always seemed a little too hard to get started though. This solution seemed like it met the needs of many, so we got Matthew on board for a…

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15+ WordPress Plugins to Supercharge Your Amazon Affiliate Website – WordPress Website Design Article

January 29th in Plugin Lists by WordPress Jedi . The Amazon Associates program remains the most popular affiliate program around. Lots of publishers are earning a decent amount of money promoting Amazon products. WordPress makes it easy to bring your affiliate site online. These 15+ plugins can supercharge your affiliate website: Currently trending WordPress plugins Top Amazon Associates WordPress Plugins Content Egg: this Amazon Associates plugin lets you add price comparison and history to your site. It supports Impact, Flipkart,…

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