Analysis of Business-Critical Core Applications – Website Design Article

Striking a balance between cutting costs and optimally supporting a business model is a major challenge for many IT departments. They also need to calculate how to adapt the amount of IT support — based on the needs of the business model — without raising the complexity of their IT infrastructure or allowing application landscapes to grow out of control. From conducting a comprehensive analysis to establishing key decision parameters, this article covers the journey to a successful core application…

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Software development life cycle (SDLC) – Guide for Business – Website Design Article

Wishing to produce software of top quality at the lowest cost in the shortest time? How to produce software of top quality to resolve your business problems and meet the requirements of the end-users? For that purpose, you should familiarise yourself with the concept of software development life cycle of SDLC. We can break the concept down to six parts, walk you through each part with examples and real-life applications that will be beneficial to your intention of enhancing your business’s software…

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