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Angular Directives Tutorial – DZone Web Dev – Website Design Article

A directive is an add-on or an extension to Angular features, used for optimizing your reusable code. There are three types of directives in Angular (component, attribute, and structural). Component Directives A component is a directive with a template. Basically, whatever we do in Angular is a component. It is a reusable part of the whole application. Here is an example of a simple animation component that rotates the div by 180 degrees when clicked. Template: CLICK ME TS file: import…

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Localization in Angular Using i18n Tools – Website Design Article

Introduction In this article, we will learn how to make our Angular app available in different languages using i18n and localization. We will create an Angular application and configure it to serve the content in three different languages. We will also deploy our app to Google Firebase and see how localization works in real-time. We will use Angular 7 and VS Code to develop our application. Take a look at the application output. Source Code Get the source code for…

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