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Flutter vs. React Native App Development: Who Will Win the Race? – Website Design Article

In order to create a good mobile application, you need to choose a fully-fledged platform and an appropriate SDK toolkit. Both React and Flutter have amazing features allowing you to craft beautiful and multi-functional apps. However, the choice between those two depends on what exactly you are planning to create. Let’s compare the programming possibilities of React and Flutter, their communities, and famous supporters. Flutter Toolkit for Mobile App Development Flutter’s history dates back to 2014 when, in pursuit of…

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The Step-by-Step Process of Mobile App Development – Website Design Article

According to the Survey Reports, there are almost 1.84 million apps available on iOS and on Google Play there are 2.9 million apps. However, the usage of mobile applications is increasing constantly. Due to the high demand for Android and iOS applications, it leads mobile app development services to high competition. In the digital world, mobile app developers don’t only have to focus on the backend and frontend coding process and functionalities. Apart from this, to launch successful apps, they…

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Agile vs DevOps: Which Software Development Methodology You Should Consider – Website Design Article

The plethora of opportunities provided by software applications is beyond imagination. One cannot take a step without looking at the apps or at least using them once. Be it entertainment, shopping, banking, connecting, messaging anything, a user has tons of options available to explore and make their life simpler and easier.  Now that we know how software apps are transforming lives, do we know what methodologies a software development company uses to make the magic happen? Big companies are in…

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Which Development Tasks are the Easiest to Outsource (Experts Advice) – Website Design Article

Software development is no easy task, especially when you’re looking to create something innovative, inspiring, and unique. It is a mishmash of various processes whose complexity depends on the project involved. Irrespective of the software development life cycle methodology adopted, software development involves these steps: Conceiving the software/applicationSpecifying the requirements for developing the software/applicationDesigning the software/applicationProgramming the software or application using one or many programming languages and frameworksDocumenting the entire software/applicationTesting the developed software or applicationDebugging and removing the various…

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How Technology Can Enhance Customer Experiences: A Travel Chatbot Use Case – Website Design Article

In the past few years, the focus of businesses has shifted from profit maximization to customer satisfaction, and rightly so. With the ascent of social media platforms, modern buyers have gotten a voice, or rather, a solid platform to voice their feelings. What’s more, most likely, no business wants their clients to put out their negative experiences with brands via web-based networking media stages for everyone to see!   According to the New Voice Media data, almost 59% of customers aged…

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5 Things You Should Know about Developing a Healthcare App – Website Design Article

When everyone gives serious attention to their health, the digital medical care industry is growing bigger and bigger every year. In 2018, it was estimated to be valued at US$28.320 billion. The cake is still there to take home, so are you ready to start a million-worth hi-tech healthcare system? Here are the 5 things Designveloper believe that you should acknowledge before developing this type of product. 1. Do not rely on only developers, experts from the healthcare industry are…

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