.NET 5 Is the Future of .NET: What Every .Net Developer Must Know – Website Design Article

Microsoft announced the new .NET 5 (future of .NET) at the Build 2019 conference. .NET 5 will be the single unified platform for building applications that runs on all platforms(Windows, Linux) and devices (IoT, Mobile). If you are .NET developer currently supporting enterprise applications developed in .NET framework, you need to know how the .NET 5 is going to affect your current enterprise application in the long run. .Net 5 is based on .Net Standard which means not every .Net…

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.NET Blogs to Follow: The Ultimate List – Website Design Article

Back in the day, books were the only way to gain knowledge. I remember spending hundreds of hours in book stores and in the local library, digging up old books about programming. Fast forward to 2019 and my focus has almost entirely shifted to blogs. Here’s my personal list of my recommendations for .NET blogs to follow. Scott Hanselman: He really doesn’t need any introduction. Scott’s blog is one of the best resources for .NET developers. Besides blogging about .NET,…

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ASP.NET Core Response Compression – DZone Web Dev – Website Design Article

ASP.NET Core supports response compression. From popular algorithms, gzip and Brotli are supported. Those who like can also implement their own response compression providers. This blog post shows how response compression works in ASP.NET Core. With ASP.NET Core we have three options for compression: ASP.NET Core does the compression. The ront-end web server does the compression. Static files are precompressed. We can skip the second and third options here because we are interested in how ASP.NET Core carries out response compression.…

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