Maura Monaghan – Website Design Article

Since joining Website Builder Expert in summer 2019, Maura has delved into topics like web design and ecommerce. She’s attended some pretty cool events on the latter, and now considers herself a resource on the topic. If you told her all this a few years ago, she’d be in disbelief. Luckily, Maura and the internet have come a long way together since then. When she’s not writing about website builders, she’s probably just off writing about something else, like royal…

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Hannah Whitfield – Website Design Article

Hannah previously worked as a B2B writer before joining the great ship Website Builder Expert in February 2019. Hannah is WBE’s Content Manager. As well as writing her own articles, it’s her job to fact-check each and every article Website Builder Expert produces, and to make sure we’re always offering the best possible experience to our visitors. Website Builder Expert is the number one resource for getting people online, and she’s proud to say that every single article we create…

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