B2B Sales Process Automation: Pagely’s “Leviathan” System – WordPress Website Design Article

True to our open source business ethos we’re conducting an experiment in radical transparency and unveiling some of our key systems and business processes. Our hope is that by sharing some of the innovative “secret sauce” other startups will implement, refine and extend some of these ideas. Here is a recording of most of the webinar I hosted yesterday that shows how we’re using ActiveCampaign to deliver highly-personalized, cross-medium followup with our prospects. Sean: 00:00 Okay. So we’re now recording…

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automation – Export spreadsheet data/CVS to WordPress – WordPress Website Design Article

I am looking for the best way to export spreadsheet data/CVS to WordPress. I want to the CVS data to show on our webpage. I want to automate this process. Is it better to use a plugin? Or, can I export data into a webpage without using a plugin? What is the efficient way to do this?*Please tell me if you don’t understand my question or it is not clear explanation before downvote. I will fix it. Thank you! This…

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How to Use Chatbots to Free Up Your Clients’ Customer Support Time – WordPress Website Design Article

Automated website features are a hot topic, and that includes chatbots. One of your clients’ biggest concerns will be how to balance their customer support requirements against the need to develop their businesses and product lines. When it comes to solving this dilemma, automation is an ideal solution. While there are plenty of other uses, chatbots are perfect for automating customer support channels. In fact, we’d say this is a primary desire for many clients. That means you’ll need to…

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