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Better WordPress Code: The Composer Lock File – WordPress Website Design Article

Before wrapping up our discussion on Composer, we have one important thing left to discuss: The vendor directory (and by extension, the Composer lock file). Specifically, we need to talk about why we don’t need to commit the vendor directory to the repository but how our contributors can be sure they have the latest version of the software needed to work with our code base. Using code quality tools to write better WordPress code is important, yes, but understanding how…

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Tools for Writing Better WordPress Code: Composer – WordPress Website Design Article

Although I think the title of this series and the articles for each are clear enough, there are other things I’m aiming to do with this series in contrast to the other series I’ve written up to this point, too. Specifically, two of the things that I’m trying to do is to two: keep each article relatively succinct (in comparison to how previous articles have been), focus on one thing at a time and keep the description of it short.…

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Writing Better WordPress Code: Introduction – WordPress Website Design Article

Over the last few years, I’ve talked a lot about the nature of code quality and various tools, processes, and libraries that I recommend using when it comes to writing code for WordPress. I’m also open that that majority of the work that I do is in backend development. This means that I work predominately on WordPress plugins using object-oriented programming and don’t work much with templates nor as much with front-end technologies. It’s by choice, and I’m really happy…

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