options – Disable prepublish/fullscreen mode with filter – WordPress Website Design Article

I would like to remove the option to enable the fullscreen mode and pre-publish check in Gutenberg. For my current project, there is no need for these features as I modified the editor quite a bit in terms of look and functionality. The developer handbook ( doesn’t have a solution to this, unfortunately. Are there any React wizards out there that could possibly help me with this matter. Best, Dennis This is only a snippet of a WordPress Website Design…

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Gutenberg block editor – list of form components for custom blocks – WordPress Website Design Article

I am trying to learn how to create blocks for the block editor. I can’t seem to find a list of form elements to add. For example, I need a toggle switch, dropdown, etc. I found THIS toggle, but I’m not sure how to use it. Here is my code, so far I have been able to add PlainText, RichText and MediaUpload. Is there a list of these somewhere? const { RichText, MediaUpload, PlainText } = wp.editor; const { registerBlockType…

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