Brand Inspiration

Adding Your Identity into the Hero Area – Website Design Article

Brand identity is one of the essential elements of a successful business. Whether you are running a local one-person law firm or you are building a huge empire on the digital expanses, it is your face that speaks volumes. Every representative office should proudly bear elements of brand identity, and the website is no exception. As a rule, when it comes to online branches, the logo fulfils the role of a company’s uniqueness that visually separates it from the others…

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The Design Essentials of a Modern Business Flyer – Website Design Article

What makes for a good business flyer? It is a symbiosis of the informational and inspirational. It strikes a balance between the pragmatic and motivational. It should unobtrusively lure in instead of scaring away with its too-serious looks and manners. It should be like a well-written creatively dished up “blurb” that summarizes the plot of the story behind your company.  At the same time, it should provide readers with intriguing details that ignite interest. Whatever you want your flyer to…

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12 Stunning Abstract Business Card Designs – Website Design Article

While some may think that business cards will become obsolete in a “paperless” world, the fact remains that every brand identity cannot do without them. It is an integral part of every presentation toolkit. And let’s be honest. Despite all of those brand-new nifty things, we still adore some traditional paper-based instruments. Smart, crafty business cards are one of them. There is something special in them. Something that forces us to save them, put them in our wallet or card…

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