An Essential Tool for Capturing Your Career Accomplishments – A List Apart – Website Design Article

Imagine you’re ready to apply for your next job. Like most busy professionals, you probably haven’t updated your résumé or your portfolio since you looked for your current job.  Article Continues Below Now you need to update both, and you can’t remember what work you’ve done over the past few years. (In fact, you can barely remember what you’ve done over the past few months!) So you scramble to update your résumé with new content. Then you spend all weekend…

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Why the Highest Paid Developers “Fight” Their Coworkers — SitePoint – Website Design Article

You’re going to be asked to do it. At some point, if it hasn’t happened already, your coworkers or your boss will ask you to do something foolish. Something you know will make things worse for you, your coworkers, maybe even the business itself. If you’re like most developers, you do it anyway. That’s what most will do, right? It’s better to keep your head down, avoid making waves and simply do what you’re told. Job security isn’t a thing…

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