hierarchical – What is the best practice for working with child categories and optionally selecting the parent category – WordPress Website Design Article

I would think if I select a child category, that the parent category would automatically be selected (with no choice to deselect the parent), but it’s optional. Looking at how WordPress sets up this user experience flow: I’ve noticed if I create a new post, and assign it to an existing child category, it simply ticks the child category option but the parent category is not selected. Alternatively, if I want to assign a new post to a non-existent child…

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categories – Customize categroy catalog page – WordPress Website Design Article

In “appearance > customize > woocommerce > product catalog” I choosed to display the categories for the shop display page. This wokrs fine and the categories are now shown on the main shop page. BUT, I want to change the html output like I was able to do it for the product loop in content-product.php tempalte. For example I changed the <li> to <div> in the content-product.php tempalte and I want to do the same with the category loop output.…

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