Hestia Theme: Changing the Archive.php template – WordPress Website Design Article

I am using Hestia with a Child Theme. Trying my best not to edit the core Hestia theme. I want to edit the view for archive.php template which resides in /inc/views/blog/class-hestia-blog-post-layout.php I’ve managed to order the posts by alphabetical order and customized the hestia_blog_post_meta filter so far. I have 2 more things to do which I can’t figure out 1) Due to the small size of my featured image, I would like to alter the wrapper_class used on the card-image…

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functions – Adding extra SVGs to TwentyNineteen child theme using class TwentyNineteen_SVG_Icons – WordPress Website Design Article

I’m trying to change the svg of the ellipses for the mobile menu. It’s called in this file: template-functions.php so I did a hook on my child theme functions.php to replace it, like so: function replace_ellipses() { if ( function_exists(‘twentynineteen_add_ellipses_to_nav’) ) { remove_filter( ‘wp_nav_menu’, ‘twentynineteen_add_ellipses_to_nav’, 10, 2 ); } function twentynineteen_add_new_ellipses_to_nav( $nav_menu, $args ) { if ( ‘menu-1’ === $args->theme_location ) : $nav_menu .= ‘<div class=”main-menu-more”>’; $nav_menu .= ‘<ul class=”main-menu”>’; $nav_menu .= ‘<li class=”menu-item menu-item-has-children”>’; … This is only a…

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