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How to Create a Customer Journey Map for Better Product Design – Website Design Article

DesignPaula Borowska • January 27, 2020 • 6 minutes READ A customer journey map is a visual representation of the different steps a customer goes through to achieve a goal within your company’s website or product. It’s meant to provide insight into what’s going through a customer’s mind as they’re using your website, which helps optimize it. A customer journey map is excellent for: Understanding customer behavior Spotting missed opportunities (from UX to copy tweaks) and optimization opportunities Insights…

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6 Benefits of Using a Copy-First Approach for Designers – Website Design Article

DesignPaula Borowska • March 20, 2019 • A copy-first design approach is beneficial in helping design projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a stand-alone page, such as a landing page, or website redesign, a copy-first approach can make your project more efficient. Personally, I’ve been using this approach for many years, including at my old corporate job, at a startup and in all my freelance projects. In this post, I’m going to break down six benefits of using a…

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