There’s Nothing Sweet About How the Cookies Are Being Cut – Website Design Article

Have you noticed how quite a few modern websites are all starting to look the same? Flashy images, hero designs, carousels, and scrolling graphics are increasingly being placed above the fold; at the same time, functionality seems to be taking a backseat to aesthetics, and this seems to be a trend triggered by the advent of HMTL5. Even when you have one-page websites, the headers seem to be getting all the attention while the rest of the page offers limited…

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Integrating Gravity Forms with Salesforce and saving parameters from Google Analytics and Adwords – WordPress Website Design Article

Our love for Gravity Forms(aff) continues. Yes it costs money. And yes, its worth it. This time it’s because of how we integrated Gravity Forms with Salesforce. Goal: Capture leads from the website, including the Adwords and Google Analytics parameters, and pass them to Salesforce. Plugins  you’ll need: Install Gravity Forms. Install the Gravity Forms for Salesforce Addon Plugin. This is not an official Gravity Forms plugin, and doesn’t have much support, and isn’t actively updated, but… it works, at least for now. Install…

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