cross browser testing

Design for Browser Inconsistency With Lambdatest – Website Design Article

When the web was young, a 56k connection was fast, CSS was new, and Flash was but a glint in Macromedia’s eye, there was a phrase that graced half of all splash screens: Best viewed in IE6. You see, back in the early 00s, the web was a lot less competitive. It was perfectly possible to ignore 40% of your users and still turn a profit. In fact, given the expense of maintaining a different codebase for every browser, it…

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Would It Be Better If There Were Only One Browser? – Website Design Article

When Tim Berners-Lee gave us the WorldWideWeb in 1990, it was the first and only web browser. But it didn’t remain alone for long. Even in those early days of the web, there was plenty of competition for web browser market share: Mosaic, MidasWWW, SlipKnot, Arena, Netscape, and Internet Explorer emerged around that time, too, and duked it out for the top spot for the better part of a decade. So, if there’s always been a battle of the browsers,…

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Cross Browser Testing Checklist Before Going Live — SitePoint – Website Design Article

This article was originally published on LambdaTest. Thank you for supporting the partners who make SitePoint possible. When you develop a website, going live is like a dream come true. But then you notice things going wrong after launch and it quickly becomes a nightmare. A friend of mine was so excited as he was about to launch his new website. But when he finally hit the shiny launch button, some unusual and concerning trends started to popup. After delving…

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