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Creating Grid-to-Fullscreen Animations with Three.js – Website Design Article

Learn how to create thumbnail to fullscreen animations for image grids using Three.js. From our monthly sponsor: Ship customer-facing metrics fast with Keen.io. Collect, store, query, & display stunning analytics. Animations play a big role in how users feels about your website. They convey a lot of the personality and feel of your site. They also help the user navigate new and already known screens with more ease. In this tutorial we want to look at how to create some…

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Code as Documentation: New Strategies with CSS Grid – Website Design Article

I work for Supercool, a fast-moving design agency that makes custom built sites for arts clients, powered by the off-the-shelf system, Craft CMS; it’s high-spec graphic design with relatively demanding typography and art direction. Over the past few months we’ve been moving to CSS grid. We’re transitioning slowly, allowing ourselves to discover new paradigms and design methods, instead of simply porting old habits to a new syntax. So far, we’ve developed a number of really useful strategies for keeping track…

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