CSS Typography

Understanding and Using rem Units in CSS — SitePoint – Website Design Article

CSS units have been the subject of several articles here on SitePoint (such as A Look at Length Units in CSS, The New CSS3 Relative Font Sizing Units, and The Power of em Units in CSS). In this article, we increase the count by having an in-depth look at rem units, which have excellent browser support and a polyfill if you need support for old IE. This article was updated in December, 2019 to reflect the current state of rem…

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12 Stunning Examples of Text Distortion Effects in Web Design – Website Design Article

We all love typography. And when type is set in motion or spiced-up with some dynamic effects, we love it even more. There are so many powerful instruments that encourage us to let our imaginations run wild, so it’s not surprising that there is a rich diversity of solutions. It seems that the sky’s the limit when it comes to prettifying the headlines, taglines or just regular blocks of text. Text distortion effects have recently caught our attention. The “glitch”…

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Set Your Text in Motion with These Dazzling Effects – Website Design Article

The trend of setting everything in motion rules the roost these days. You cannot help but to follow this madness and develop an obsession of injecting life into every detail of a website. The static era is gone. Everything is dynamic. And you know what? Users are perfectly aware of it. For some, that is bad news, since it will take Herculean efforts to trick users into believing that a static website brings an exciting experience. For others it is…

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