Can I Add a Character Counter to a Custom Field? – WordPress Website Design Article

I’ve added a custom field, and want to use it on all posts. I want to add a character counter to this custom field using functions.php. As far as I can tell, there’s no identifier to hook into. It seems the same field has a unique id from post to post, but no common value that I can use to target all of them. Here are two examples of the same custom field from two separate posts: id=”meta-6806-value” id=”meta-6809-value” I…

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custom post types – Connect acf plugin to gravity form (Upload File) – WordPress Website Design Article

I created custom field for post type next i designed form with gravity forms for submit post.User fill form and send it.I can see all custom field (like text box, drop down and other) worked except upload file in my wordpress panel, user upload images but i can’t see in post edit page (Note : image use for gallery not post thumbnail).I checked any plugin and code but not work. I think plugin and code Not compatible with acf(v 5.7)…

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SQL query to change the value of a Custom Field – WordPress Website Design Article

I am looking for a SQL query to change the value of a custom field, but not on all posts. Some posts have in the “post_template” custom field a “temp1” value, and I want to change this value to “temp4”. Other values of this custom field must remain. I searched for the perfect query but nothing I found is working. Thanks. This is only a snippet of a WordPress Website Design Article written by jnrmy Read Full Article

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