Custom Post Types

Custom Post Types Plugins for WordPress – WordPress Website Design Article

If you plan to use WordPress for more than just a blog or simple static website, you’re probably going to use custom post types in some way. Custom post types let you create new content types to organize and display your information. For example, a “product” post type for an eCommerce store or an “event” post type for an events website. While you can create your own custom post types using code, there are also some great WordPress custom post…

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Toolset Forms vs Gravity Forms: A Hands-On Comparison – WordPress Website Design Article

In this post, I’m going to compare the new Toolset Forms vs Gravity Forms. If you’re not familiar with Toolset, it’s a suite of plugins that help you create custom WordPress sites by making it easy to work with custom content types. You can use it to make directories, listing sites, membership sites, and a lot more. Learn more in our Toolset review. One of those plugins is Toolset Forms (formerly known as CRED). Toolset Forms helps you create forms…

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