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Thinking in React Hooks: Building an App With Embedded Analytics – Website Design Article

Get hooked on React Hooks You may have noticed that React Hooks, introduced in the React’s 16.8.0 release, have been received by the web dev community very diversely. Some warmly embraced this new way to reuse stateful logic between components, while some strongly criticized it. One thing can be said for sure — React Hooks are an incredibly hot topic now. This is confirmed by the number of articles, tutorials, video courses, and project samples on the subject. My goal…

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Data Visualization with D3.js and Why It Matters – Website Design Article

She said yes, so… how about baby names. Here’s a way of quickly finding out their popularity in a given time range. Here’s a good-looking infographic utilizing pictures. And here’s Kylian Mbappe’s heat map in the FIFA World Cup Semi-Final game against Belgium, showing the player’s activity on the field. It doesn’t matter what kind of data visualization you choose, as long as it makes it easy for the recipients to digest otherwise raw data. Even the prettiest graph can…

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