6 Tools for Debugging React Native — SitePoint – Website Design Article

Debugging is an essential part of software development. It’s through debugging that we know what’s wrong and what’s right, what works and what doesn’t. Debugging provides the opportunity to assess our code and fix problems before they’re pushed to production. In the React Native world, debugging may be done in different ways and with different tools, since React Native is composed of different environments (iOS and Android), which means there’s an assortment of problems and a variety of tools needed…

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Emulate Mobile Devices In-Browser with the Ripple Chrome Extension • WPShout – WordPress Website Design Article

This week, I had a client send me a bug that only appeared in iOS Safari. As much as I’d love to say “tell your visitors not to use iOS Safari,” it’s definitely a popular enough way to browse the web to merit fixing the bug. The issue is that I don’t have ready access to an iPhone when my wife’s not home—and even then, I have no idea how to inspect things in iOS Safari to see what’s actually…

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