Chris Coyier’s Favorite CodePen Demos IV – Website Design Article

Did you know you can triple-heart things on CodePen? We’ve had that little not-so-hidden feature forever. You can click that little heart button on any Pen (or Project, Collection, or Post) on CodePen to show the creator a little love, but you can click it again and again to heart it just that little bit more. That’s useful for a couple of reasons. It gets calculated into the algorithms-that-be for popularity, and also, you can see items you’ve loved at…

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prefers-color-scheme: CSS Media Query – Website Design Article

One device and app feature I’ve come to appreciate is the ability to change between light and dark modes. If you’ve ever done late night coding or reading, you know how amazing a dark theme can be for preventing eye strain and the headaches that result. macOS recently implemented a native dark mode but that mode doesn’t convert websites to a dark interface, so you’re still getting a bright site regardless of native theme. Wouldn’t it be amazing if websites…

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