design thinking

How do you involve design in life without even noticing it? – Website Design Article

The design is a key part of our lives. It has the goal of making our lives better and easier. If you look around, you will realise that it is everywhere. Even cleaning up your room is also a part of it. But how should you incorporate design thinking as a student in school? Here are tips that will help in designing your life in school better. Design thinking Design thinking may sound complicated but is a simple way of…

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Working with Design Thinking, Lean and Agile — SitePoint – Website Design Article

Design Thinking is the latest buzz phrase to have taken over the business and technology world. In seems like the phrase is popping up in nearly every context. A few years ago, Lean UX was all the rage, following a few years focused on the Lean Startup. A few years before that, every tech company I knew was rushing to implement Agile development processes. Experts like Lou Rosenfeld are already making predictions about what new approaches are coming next. It’s…

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