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Agile vs DevOps: Which Software Development Methodology You Should Consider – Website Design Article

The plethora of opportunities provided by software applications is beyond imagination. One cannot take a step without looking at the apps or at least using them once. Be it entertainment, shopping, banking, connecting, messaging anything, a user has tons of options available to explore and make their life simpler and easier.  Now that we know how software apps are transforming lives, do we know what methodologies a software development company uses to make the magic happen? Big companies are in…

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20+ Best Mind Mapping Tools For Designers » CSS Author – Website Design Article

Mind Mapping offers the best way to give your ideas a visual representation. You basically start with a big impression, from which you slowly break down to smaller ideas and concepts to create a tree or branched structure. This can help you better understand your thoughts and encourages brainstorming.Now, for the purpose of this read, we have included some mind mapping tools or apps that you can use on your PC, laptop, and even mobile devices. These tools also come…

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Best Chrome Extensions For Designers » CSS Author – Website Design Article

Google Chrome is the most popular browser for desktop and mobile devices. It is well known for developers and designers. Even though it has built-in features for developers such developer tools, there are extensions which make chrome even powerful.Today we are looking at some great chrome extensions for designers. These extensions are carefully picked to cover different aspects of your daily work life. These extensions are great for organizing and simplifying your day to day works without further due, lets…

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Image Background Remover Tools » CSS Author – Website Design Article

A picture’s background holds immense significance in professional photography and is an essential part of every illustrative work. A few simple adjustments in the pictures’ background can help direct the attention of the viewers on to the pictures’ forefront. There are tons of free background remover tools available online, which can help you professionally revamp your image backgrounds.A dull background can suck the life out of the picture and fails to depict the ideas of visual Excellency. Thankfully, due to…

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