Chat with a WordPress skeptic • Post Status – WordPress Website Design Article

Kira Leigh works with WordPress, but in most instances she’d rather avoid it. I talk to her about why she’s a WordPress skeptic. I talked with Kira Leigh, a full-stack creative entrepreneur and consultant. Skeptic may be too strong of a word, but she makes it clear that she thinks WordPress is too often used when it’s not necessary. Kira handles every part of her projects, which typically stem from marketing and copywriting, but she takes on design, development, and…

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WordPress and Blockchain • Post Status – WordPress Website Design Article

It’s time to discuss blockchain technology from the perspective of the WordPress ecosystem, to discuss threats, opportunities, and generally discover how this emerging sector could impact WordPress. WordPress is one of the driving forces and great success stories of the open web to date. As an open source platform, it’s become a dominant CMS used by 30% of the web to publish content — on websites large and small. WordPress has grown up in an era of evolving challenges: ushering…

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