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Beginner’s Guide to EU VAT for Easy Digital Downloads – WordPress Website Design Article

If you sell digital goods to customers based in the EU using the Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you’ll need a way to collect, process, and store EU VAT – regardless of whether your company is based in the EU or not. The easiest way to do this is by using the Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT plugin. It automatically charges customers the correct VAT, removes VAT for registered EU businesses, and keeps a record of the customer’s IP address to…

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An Introduction To All The Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins for 2019 – WordPress Website Design Article

Home / eCommerce / A Detailed Introduction to the Best WordPress eCommerce Plugins (2019) By Colin Newcomer Last updated: September 30, 2019 The internet is the perfect vehicle for connecting hungry buyers with passionate sellers. If you can find (or create) the right products, you can make a good living by selling them online — in all kinds of niches. With impressively low start-up costs, eCommerce is one of the most accessible business models for would-be entrepreneurs. Just think of…

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Easy Digital Downloads WordPress Plugin – WordPress Website Design Article

Easy Digital Downloads is a popular eCommerce solution for WordPress that was created to help website owners sell digital products such as eBooks, documents, music, graphic designs, and more. The plugin is free to download. Like other high quality WordPress solutions, its functionality can be extended by many free and premium addons. A host of WordPress themes designed specifically for Easy Digital Downloads are available too; however the plugin is designed to work with any WordPress theme. The core version…

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