5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job — SitePoint – Website Design Article

“Jerry wouldn’t let me go to the emergency room.” Jenny010137 recounted her story on Reddit. She had a major health crisis, but Jerry, her boss, wasn’t buying it. Jerry wouldn’t let me go to the emergency room after the heavy vaginal bleeding I had been experiencing suddenly got way worse. I went over his head and got permission to go. I called my mom, told her to meet me in the ER. The ER nurse said he’d never seen so…

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From Self-Employment to Employment in WordPress – WordPress Website Design Article

Earlier this year, I talked about the move from Pressware to WebDevStudios but I didn’t go into much detail. However, last week, I had the ability to do a deep dive into what it’s like to work to work with an agency again.But it’s more than just work.Self-Employment to Employment in WordPressFirst, this isn’t a prescriptive move for anyone. This was purely a decision that my wife and I made based on the quality of the organization, my desire to…

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