Kinsta Kingpin: Interview with Daniel David – WordPress Website Design Article

Daniel Davis is the co-founder of Nextendweb and the designer behind their plugins, which power over 600,000 websites all over the world. Here’s Daniel’s social accounts, altough he’s not that active there: LinkedIn and Twitter. If you like interviews, please be sure to check out our Kinsta Kingpin series for more! Are you tired of slow WordPress hosting & horrible support? We do things different at Kinsta. Q1: What is your background, & how did you first get involved with WordPress? Firstly,…

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How to Launch a Side Project from Zero — SitePoint – Website Design Article

Want to launch a side project, but not sure where to begin? Since 2017, I have launched several projects, including Spider, Pretzel, Stitches and Dribbble color palette. At first, it wasn’t clear which steps of the launch process were more important than others. But after my third launch, I had hatched a plan and started tweaking it. In this article, I will share the lessons I learned and walk you through the process of making a product. Hopefully you can…

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