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Reduce Height of Essence Pro Hero Image Excluding Front Page – WordPress Website Design Article

Published January 16, 2020This tutorial shows you how to modify the height of the header hero image on all pages excluding the front page. Here’s a example showing the default header hero height on the left and a much smaller hero image on all inner pages : Default Height Modified Height Demo Video # Shows the reduced height of the header hero image on all inner pages including single posts and single pages. Installation Steps There’s 2 steps : #…

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Add Audio or Video Shortcode Via Customizer To Essence Pro Themes Hero Section – WordPress Website Design Article

This tutorial provides the code which enables you to add a video or audio player in the Hero section of the Essence Pro theme. You can upload your video or audio file to your WordPress Media Library and use the file URL with the audio shortcode like this : or the video shortcode like this : Either shortcode can be added via Customize > Essence Pro Settings > Front Page Hero Section > Audio or Video Shortcode. Watch the following…

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Essence Pro – Custom Hero Header Image On Category & Sub Category Archive Pages – WordPress Website Design Article

Need Code? – Request a Tutorial You can use this code to add custom header hero images on any type of archive page. In this case the solution is coded to work on category archives however you can simply change the name of the category.php template to any other which uses the WordPress Template Hierarchy, support for which is provided to paid members. Demo Video # Shows how you can upload a custom header hero image on any category or…

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