How to Safeguard the Artistic Mind Against Anxiety and Fatigue – Website Design Article

Imaginative minds, while fascinating, are prone to anxious thoughts. These toxic notions are often unrelenting, unforgiving, and unproductive. It’s for this reason why creatives are continually reminded that their artistic output doesn’t determine their value. In fact, creatives are encouraged to absolve themselves of responsibility so as not to become overwhelmed. After all, in the mind of an innovator, all efforts are useless unless they yield novel concepts. While this inspired approach to life and work is admirable, it can…

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When Things Get Tough… Take a Break – Website Design Article

Know when to stop and when to keep going Remember when you were in the midst of your primary education? Remember taking some math class, with concepts that were difficult to comprehend? I certainly do … often saying, “when in the world will I ever need to know about  sin() , cos(),    tan()  and all of this stuff about radians.” To me, I was pretty certain I would not need to do any radian math when balancing my checking account. But then…

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