A free WordPress Form Builder with Calculations and Payments?! – WordPress Website Design Article

Forminator 1.7 is here including calculations and Stripe payments. A new bar has been set for what you can expect for free from your WordPress form builder plugin! Not familiar? It’s time for a change. Name a lead generating, money making, revenue growing website that doesn’t have some way to capture information… you can’t! Forms are as essential to WordPress as water is to a fish. But licensing a usable form builder, with a sensible UI that looks absolutely brilliant…

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Forminator Quizzes now With Integrations and Wizardry – WordPress Website Design Article

Forminator, our WordPress form, poll & quiz builder, was just released this year and has already moved into our top 10 most active pro plugins – and his powers are only expanding! This time it’s Quizzes, now with integrations, a new wizard, and a multi correct answers upgrade. In the past, WordPress form builders have either been free or functional. Forminator is the first of its kind, completely open, completely free drag and drop form plugin. And it will blow…

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