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30 Free Vector Patterns for Designers – Website Design Article

4.33/5 (3) Looking for cool free vector patterns for your designs? You’re in the right place. Today we’ll share a rich compilation of free vectors for designers to enrich your toolbox. A good selection of vector art is what every designer needs to bring creative ideas to life. However, the process of finding something that can truly breathe fresh air into your artworks can be too long and tiresome. Having a place where all this stuff can be stored all…

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85+ Watercolor Freebies For Graphic Designers – Website Design Article

4.93/5 (15) Watercolor is stereotypically considered to be a “girly” technique only viable for elementary schools and amateurs. But in fact, according to the CreativeMarket statistics, it is also the most popular design trend of 2018 (and the most profitable one for graphic designers). And what can be manlier than hunting down a mammoth (in other words, earning lots of money)? So, I’ve decided to discard prejudice and have a closer look at the possibilities of this technique. Imagine my…

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