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The Yummy Visual Identity of Food Brands – Website Design Article

“People eat with their eyes” is the rule of thumb for every marketing strategy whose goal is to tout and foist goods. Whatever you are planning to do, make it look delicious, and chances are your customers will fall for it. When it comes to restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and other representatives of the food brands segment, it lies at the heart of everything. This principle guides various visual identities. Therefore, as a rule, they look yummy. Artists prefer to use multiple…

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The Design Essentials of a Modern Business Flyer – Website Design Article

What makes for a good business flyer? It is a symbiosis of the informational and inspirational. It strikes a balance between the pragmatic and motivational. It should unobtrusively lure in instead of scaring away with its too-serious looks and manners. It should be like a well-written creatively dished up “blurb” that summarizes the plot of the story behind your company.  At the same time, it should provide readers with intriguing details that ignite interest. Whatever you want your flyer to…

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