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Toolset Blocks Allows Both Developers and Non-Coders to Build Custom Websites in Less Time than Ever – WordPress Website Design Article

Have you ever thought of something you’d always wanted to do but gave up on it because it was too difficult? Many people at some point will think of a website that they would love to create but are concerned they do not have the experience or ability to create it. The good news is that is no longer a problem thanks to Toolset Blocks and Gutenberg. The new WordPress Block Editor, Gutenberg, makes designing your own website much easier…

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10 of the Best Plugins for Extending the Block Editor – WordPress Website Design Article

The Block Editor has made online publishing easier for WordPress users of all skill levels. However, it only includes the most basic elements need to create posts and pages. Fortunately, several new block plugins have emerged. These handy little tools can open new doors for users who want to create more complex features and layouts right from the default WordPress editor. In this post, we’ve collected ten of the best plugins you can use to extend the Block Editor. Let’s…

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17 Plugins, Tutorials, and Resources for Gutenberg – Website Design Article

The WordPress community officially has Gutenberg fever. While there has been some grumbling (and not without some cause), the blocky little editor that could, has gone mainstream. People have been building, writing, collating, and generally just adapting to the changes, and I’m here to show you some of what they’ve done… Enjoy!   Plugins As is usual, the WordPress community has gone wild, and has already developed loads of plugins for the new editor; we can’t possibly list them all.…

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