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SEO Image Optimizer Review: Automatically Optimize WordPress Images – WordPress Website Design Article

If you use a lot of images on your website, it’s important to optimize your images for both performance and SEO. SEO Image Optimizer is a new plugin that helps you optimize the images that you use on your WooCommerce store, AliDropship store, or regular WordPress website. SEO Image Optimizer comes from AliDropship, the developers of a dropshipping plugin that you can use with WooCommerce or as a standalone tool. We reviewed DropshipMe, another product from this developer, back in…

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4 Tips for Painlessly Compressing Images – WordPress Website Design Article

Your website load time has a direct impact on user experience and your Google page ranking. Image file size has a direct impact on your website loading speed. This means that image file size can directly correlate with how many visitors your site sees and the quality of their experience. In short, compressing your image size can help bring more users to your site and keep them there for longer.In this article, you’ll learn how image compression works and some…

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