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Mini Scooters Designed Using Original Volkswagen Beetle Parts – Website Design Article

On top of having top-notch mechanics skills, Brent Walter is a pretty creative guy with a taste for design. Using parts of original Volkswagen Beetles, he built these cool mini-bikes that prominently display one of the most unique design features of the car. The result is just as cute as one could expect. About the Author This is only a snippet of a Website Design Article written by Mirko Humbert Read Full Article

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5 Watch design trends we’re seeing in 2019 – Website Design Article

If you’re a watch brand in 2019, you’d best be doing something different, otherwise you’re just going to get lost in the sea of companies out there all vying for our attention. At Designer Daily, not much slips past our nets when it comes to noticing the design trends currently happening in the world of watches! That’s why we’re going to list a few of the noticeable crazes we’ve been seeing lately. Strap in and watch out for these. Big…

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