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How to Prevent Cloud Security Threats in your Organization – Website Design Article

Surveys show that around 95% of companies are using cloud services nowadays. However, considering the latest cybernetic threats more and more companies question the security cloud services offer. The fact is that every organization has to take certain measures to prevent breaches and to protect their data. Even if the latest cloud solutions are quite safe, no network is 100% protected from hacking. The best insurance policy is applying the recommendations you will find in this article. Threat 1 – #DataBreaches…

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How to Take JavaScript Beyond the Web in 2019 — SitePoint – Website Design Article

JavaScript continues to appear in all sorts of places beyond the web as we enter into 2019! We’ve had a history of looking at how JavaScript has gone beyond the web here at SitePoint (see JavaScript Beyond the Web, JavaScript Beyond the Web in 2014 and JavaScript Beyond the Web in 2015). This year, after a bit of a break from exploring JavaScript’s place amongst it all, we decided to have a forward-facing article looking at all the potential JavaScript…

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