What to Expect from the JAMstack in 2020 – Website Design Article

Brian Rinaldi interviewed a variety of folks, asking them the same questions about JAMstack development and the landscape recently: Raymond Camden: I think we will see better competition from the bigger players. Gift Egwuenu: I’m also looking forward to more job openings on the JAMstack. Bryan Robinson: If you find yourself jumping through too many hoops, it might be time to explore a monolith architecture again. Me: Blah blah blah, read the other ones from smart people 🙂 Tara Manicsic:…

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JAMstack CMSs Have Finally Grown Up! – Website Design Article

This article is based on Brian’s presentation at Connect.Tech 2019. Slides with speaker notes from that presentation are available to download. In my experience, developers generally find the benefits of the JAMstack easy to comprehend. Sites are faster because the resources are static and served from a CDN. Sites are more secure because there is no framework, application server or database to compromise. Development and deployment can be optimized because all of the pieces that make up the stack are…

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