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How to Build a News App with Svelte — SitePoint – Website Design Article

Svelte is a new JavaScript UI library that’s similar in many ways to modern UI libraries like React. One important difference is that it doesn’t use the concept of a virtual DOM. In this tutorial, we’ll be introducing Svelte by building a news application inspired by the Daily Planet, a fictional newspaper from the Superman world. About Svelte Svelte makes use of a new approach to building users interfaces. Instead of doing the necessary work in the browser, Svelte shifts…

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CoreUI Admin Template, Powered with Bootstrap and Modern Javascript Framework – Website Design Article

Not only is the front end page enhanced, but the back end page or administration page must also have a beautiful appearance. The goal is simple, so that system users feel excited when working. In addition, a beautiful appearance will also reduce boredom and tiredness. I believe, a good design will bring a good mood too. Because of that, designers are also paid handsomely. In this edition I want to discuss one of the admin page templates that use bootstrap…

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