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How to Use Higher-Order Components in React – Website Design Article

In JavaScript, we have higher-order functions (HOC), which are basically functions that accept functions. In React, higher-order components are basically functions which accept component as parameters, inject or modify their props, and return a modified component. Real world use case: Suppose you have a button that you want to be rendered with two different styles. Using the main ideas behind HOC, we do not need to create two buttons with different styles, but, rather, create a single button component and pass it through a…

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Feature Detection With Modernizr for Cross-Browser Compatibility – Website Design Article

Modernizr is an open source and compact JavaScript library that allows developers to craft various levels of experiences for users with respect to cross-browser compatibility. Modernizr helps developers to perform cross-browser testing to check whether new the generation of HTML5 and CSS3 features are natively supported by their visitor’s browsers or not and to provide dedicated fallbacks for older browsers that are notorious for their poor feature support. Modernizr coupled with the principle of progressive enhancement helps to design cutting-edge websites layer by layer, taking advantage of powerful modern web…

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